Our designers' words : 

Athéna fom Badines : Lingerie is an art, turn it into a game !

Christel & Guillaume fom BOMBOMFinding the right combination and the color that highlights your complexion can be a challenge. It is with this in mind that we offer you a range of products that adapts to your shapes and sublimates your skin color

Julie from JAAD Lingerie : At the beginning, I just wanted to respond to a personal need, that of finding lingerie that suits me. A lingerie that doesn't choose between cool and sexy, a lingerie for strong and active women!But as we musn't forget to dream, as we musn't forget to encourage and believe in ourselves : all models have the names of goddesses! And your lingerie will become your little talisman !

Stacy from KENT Radically natural organic lingerie and loungewear

Wuwei from MRMISS : MRMISS is synonymous with sensuality and comfort. 

It is a brand and it is an attitude that accompanies the international fashion trends with the best quality. Our team of young designers are passionate about creating the perfect products for our customers. MRMISS designs are intended for all women who want to feel as good inside and out. 

Mathilde & Clémentine from Olly:  Incredibly comfortable, so soft and very pretty : you'll love our panties !

Claire from Stidston : I want women to feel bold and beautiful when they wear my pieces. ‘I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself’ is a quote that I love by the actress Emma Stone. Beauty needs to be redefined so that the focus is on celebrating individuality, not striving for the same body ideals, and this is something that the swimwear industry is lacking. 

Mélanie from Superbe :  Life is too short to wear boring underwear!

Taryn from Taryn Winters : Finding beauty and putting it in its place 

Maxime from UllysThe accessory, as a revealer of the personality. He participates in the expression of a sensitivity, a desire, a mood.  Today's man pays more attention to his appearance. It is now essential to differentiate, to differentiate, not extravagance but a touch of elegance very personal. ULLYS is not intended to create a need but rather wants to awaken a desire, both personal and shared.

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