SECONDE PEAU PARIS's community's values

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Love yourself and love your body ! In our current society, very modeled by the diktat of beauty fashion magazines, and constantly subjected to the other, it is not always chosen easy. but beauty should not be standardized, every body is beautiful as it is !


Assume your body. To be proud of what you are, what you look like, to make your choices, the consequences of life and what it imposes on you To be comfortable with your body, at peace with your beauties like its imperfections Assume not to go to sports 10 hours a week, to choose a dakkiri rather than a perrier and a burger rather than a salad !


Lingerie is, for us, a way to assert itself, a product of expression to please oneself and those to whom one wishes to show it. Lingerie is a seductive accessory to fuel desire, a real feminine as masculine asset and you have to know how to make good use of it ! Lingerie can help highlight our forms, feel confident and sublimate the beauty we all have.

There is no more beautiful than a body that loves, assumes and asserts itself !

Body language is a strength, let's take advantage of it !

If you too, agree with that, then join us !