Badine (female adjective): playful character, who likes to laugh and joke. Beautiful materials mainly French, among which Calais lace is queen ... A spirit that combines refinement and delicacy, joyful, feminine and playful moods ... Sensual and elegant lines, sexy and beautiful at the same time ...

Story of the brand

Passionate about lingerie and convinced that well-being's secret is self-acceptance and knowledge of our desires, Athena Montuoro decides, at age 25, to create Badines Lingerie, a new brand of lingerie through which every woman can express her true personality and dare to play with femininity ...


Panties, bras, bustiers, nightwear ... The designer draws each model with passion, and chooses with the greatest care the materials, mainly French, like the Calais lace that she particularly likes. The majority of bras open in front, which is the signature of the brand. The pieces are made in Morocco in the respect of the tradition of lingerie creation.

Creator word

Lingerie is an art, turn it into a game!