Éternel Éphémère is a young French high-end lingerie brand based in Paris. The brand's dream world draws its inspiration from Nature and Romanticism, which can be found in a range of pastel and ethereal colors, soft, light lace and extremely feminine cuts.

Story of the brand

Passionate about arts and sewing since her youngest age, the designer, Manon started as a self-taught and then joined a fashion school in Paris. In parallel with her studies, she developed a taste for lingerie and then envisioned the creation of Éternel Éphémère. Having completed her studies, she spends a year developing and launching her first collection "Solstice d'Hiver" in December 2017.


All the pieces are handmade with love by Manon, the designer, with the traditional Calais lace of very high quality.
The attention to detail, the craftsmanship, are the essential values ​​of the brand.
In addition, the designer offers the making of custom pieces, adapting to the desires and curves of each.
Opting for models without frames, Éternel Éphémère releases the body of the woman thus sublimating the romantic and natural part of it.

Creator word

Dare to be yourself, your natural is undoubtedly your greatest asset ...