With it’s lingerie pieces, Jaad Lingerie seeks to dress modern and open-minded women, that appreciate the aesthetics of fine lingerie. Our bet is to blend contemporary, urban-inspired womenswear with cultural aesthetics. All the while respecting each women’s feminine side. Our pieces mix timeless fabrics like silk and lace with fabrics rarely used in lingerie like dutch wax and coton jersey. Chic and urban, we blend classic styles with modern fabrics, you’ll find no thongs or push ups ! For a free, active and comfortable woman, far from the hyper-sexualized ladies found in certain magazines. At Jaad Lingerie, you’ll find no underwire, why ? We believe nature is a well oiled machine, and with time, you’ll feel better without. We promise you’ll have comfort but also aesthetics. the sets at Jaad Lingerie will help you forget your underwear so you can live your day fully. We’ll bring feminitty and sensual to your boudoir. Why choose between fine lingerie and comfort ?

My collection

Triangle Avani - Velour


Culotte haute Kuu - ...


Bra Sahara


Bra Sahara


Story of the brand

Jaad Lingerie was born in 2014 in the spirit of Julie Debarnot, who lived in the district of Château Rouge. The idea of ​​mixing lace, very classic in lingerie, and wax, very graphic was the starting point of the brand. Since then, incorporating materials rarely used in lingerie has become his trademark, to bring modernity to his creations.


All models are created and made by the designer herself, in very small series.
From September, the new collection and the following will be made in an exceptional workshop, specialized in luxury lingerie, in Madagascar.

Creator word

At the beginning, I just wanted to respond to a personal need, that of finding lingerie that suits me. A lingerie that doesn't choose between cool and sexy, a lingerie for strong and active women!
For real life girls !
But as we musn't forget to dream, as we musn't forget to encourage and believe in ourselves : all models have the names of goddesses!
And your lingerie will become your little talisman