"Madame porte la culotte" is a brand of underwear in organic cotton, combining comfort and aesthetics, made of ethical and responsible way in respect of the environment and the health of women.

Story of the brand

"Madame Porte la culotte" is born from the desire to do good for women, to support them in their empowerment and to best meet their expectations in terms of comfort and well-being, so that they feel as well in their skin than in their underwear, and that they have greater confidence in themselves and the power to assert themselves.

The meta-goal of the brand is to bring a new definition of femininity and break gender codes out of the binary "sexy / not sexy" still too often associated with women, through the promotion seductive of a purely feminine product.

In each underwear is a unique "ego booster" message, a positive phrase, visible on a daily basis, which boosts confidence and self-esteem.


All our models are dreamed and drawn in Nantes. We carefully selected a family factory in
Portugal near Porto to ensure ethical and responsible manufacturing.

The fabric we use is certified GOTS, the reference label for organic cotton which guarantees that it has been cultivated with respect for people and the environment (decent wages, no pesticides, ...). A classic cotton pant is made with a fabric of 145 gr / m2. Our underwear are made with a fabric of 180gr / m2, thick and qualitative, made of 95% organic cotton, and only 5% elastane to ensure support and hold.
The inks and dyes we use to color and print our underwear are Oeko-tex ® Standard 100 certified, ie they do not contain harmful chemicals.

Creator word

It's time to rethink lingerie to please women first.