Description of the brand

Since 2016, Neo sensuel highlights your feminity. Because we all have a distinct body and different desires, I made the choice to give more freedom to women. Thoughts with extreme gentleness, all the selected subjects participate to feel good in our lingerie. And, icing on the cake: it is possible to choose to wear your bra with or without frames according to the desire of the moment. A lingerie with removable frames!

Story of the brand

A name that tells a story,
Passionate about lingerie, I believe that a woman who is brought a solution to be reconciled with her body is a woman full of life. I wanted to create a lingerie that makes you feel beautiful and that finally, "comfortable" no longer rhymes with "simplicity". Thinking especially to women who have a silhouette of her own, I am committed to create sensual lingerie and help them find see their femininity.


Designed in France in collaboration with Sylvie, corsetry designer, we have adjusted to the needs of women looking for softness and comfort with a very sensual collection.
Softness inside and out.
Raw materials come from Europe. The manufacture in a Franco-Tunisian workshop is carried out by a team of women specialized in the corsetry.
The "Magie de Lingerie" collection was created with the thought of the softness of a cotton lining from Italy, the robustness of the braces of Germany and the elegance of the French fabric.

Creator word

Be proud of your femininity.
The first person you have to seduce at first is yourself.