STIDSTON is a bold luxury swimwear brand that is handmade in England. Stidston aims to celebrate and represent all body types, whilst being considerate of humanity and the environment. We do not retouch our photos and often use 'no' models to model our swimwear.

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Story of the brand

STIDSTON started life as a custom brand handmade in Peckham, London. As the brand continues to grow all manufacturing will remain UK based, but in partnership with a small Devon based manufacturer (to ensure the high quality and handmade ethos of the brand is maintained), this year STIDSTON has made the move to wholesale production.


All STIDSTON swimwear pieces are manufactured with love by a small team in Devon, England. Custom pieces are designed and made in Peckham, London. All styles are available in recycled materials (an environmentally responsible fabric made from recycled yarn from waste material destined for landfills).

Creator word

I want women to feel bold and beautiful when they wear my pieces. ‘I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself’ is a quote that I love by the actress Emma Stone. Beauty needs to be redefined so that the focus is on celebrating individuality, not striving for the same body ideals, and this is something that the swimwear industry is lacking.