Superbe offers to modern women panties that fit their needs and desires, comfy and sexy. Because we do not choose our underwear according to the seasons but to the moments, we designed 3 collections: the love, the daily, the party. We create colorful pieces, glittery and shinny, and some more sexy, playing with materials, touch and sensuality. You'll find a panties for every occasion.

Story of the brand

Here is the thing: panties are 100 years old. It seems inconceivable to create panties in 2018 as we were in 1918.
Women have changed terribly: feminist revolutions, reapropriation of their bodies, new ways of moving, working, consuming, thinking, living…

Modern woman is full of paradoxes, sides, surprises, she feels pretty with a jeans and sneakers, she wears heels sometimes, she puts some make up when she feels like and not when she’s asked to...
That’s for this woman, that we choose to reinvent panties.


A french design started in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, bringing together the designer and a model maker giving the to the brand its specials proprietary shapes (Louise Feuillère, known as one of the best of its category, working with Hermès, Chanel, Louise Vuitton and Sonia Rykiel).

Perfectly indented, higher high size, redesigned lower sizes, updated shapes which do not fit only with today standards, but with every morphologies.

Superbe selects its fabrics in Europe to find the most beautiful materials. Quality materials that you will wear for a long time.

The manufacture is 100% French.

Creator word

Life is too short to wear boring underwear!