Description of the brand

Ullys is a French brand of men's accessories, specialist in blue. The Nordiste brand, created at the end of 2013, designs and sells ties, bow ties, scarves and chèches as well as small leather goods and high-end underwear. The brand focuses on the quality of its products, its strong universe and the know-how of its craftsmen. The brand is currently distributed in fifty outlets in France, Europe and the United States. The brand opened in Lille, in December 2016, its very first shop in its own, L'Odyssée by Ullys.

Story of the brand

At the origin of the story, Maxime had the idea of ​​Ullys even though he was still a student at EDHEC.

In the beginning, the Ullys brand only sold two product categories: bow ties and ties. However, faced with rapid development, the brand is diversifying. It begins the manufacture of new categories of products: pouches, cufflinks, leather goods, scarves and chèches.

The essentials of the men's cloakroom appear one by one at Ullys. Always created with the greatest care, the new accessories like the old ones make use of the best possible quality.
Originally distributed in its native region, in Lille, Ullys is now present throughout France but also in several countries abroad.


Our shorts are of French manufacture in our workshops of the North of France.
100% cotton poplin boxer briefs with elastic waistband closed with two buttons, front brand label, one-button closure, three back panels for maximum user comfort. The engraved Ullys buttons are sewn with orange thread and recall the commitment of the brand.

Creator word

The accessory, as a revealer of the personality

Today's man pays more attention to his appearance. It is now essential to differentiate, to differentiate, not extravagance but a touch of elegance very personal.

But how to stand out with a men's wardrobe so little diversified ? The accessory is probably the answer to this dilemma. Long regarded as secondary or superfluous, the fashion accessory is today a real revealer of personalities. He participates in the expression of a sensitivity, a desire, a mood.

ULLYS is not intended to create a need but rather wants to awaken a desire, both personal and shared. "Know thyself," said Socrates. Let's be ourselves, let's be elegant!