Pantie Colin Maillard white


Simple, sensual and refined, the Colin Maillard pantie brings to the silhouette a femininity and a supplementary elegance. Feel yourself voluptuous in white, thanks to the fineness of the Calais lace. 

The Colin Maillard pantie, lightly low-cut on the buttock, ornament the skin of a thin and delicate lace, while it is comfortable.

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Feminine and delicate, the white Colin Maillard pantie is a token of purity and of fineness thanks to the precision of the Calais lace. So this is a top of the range pantie, that can be daily worn, and bring an air of freshness by dressing in the morning.t de finesse grâce à la précision de la dentelle de Calais. C'est donc une culotte haut-de-gamme qui peut se porter au quotidien, and bring an air of freshness by dressing in the morning.

Materials & details

The Colin Maillard pantie is slightly low-waisted, to subtly redraw the feminine curves. White brings softness and delicacy to sublimate your figure.

Washing & maintenance tips

We recommend you to wash this product by hand, or in a machine on short program, in a washing net with similar colors. Do not dry in machine.

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Badine (female adjective): playful character, who likes to laugh and joke. Beautiful materials mainly French, among which Calais lace is queen ... A spirit that combines refinement and delicacy, joyful, feminine and playful moods ... Sensual and elegant lines, sexy and beautiful at the same time ...

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